"Bebe vino, come queso y llegarás a viejo" (Drink wine, eat cheese and you will not die young).
Spanish proverb

Spain is a gastronomic territory with innumerable types of cheese and designations of origin. We can find them made with goat, sheep or cow milk, or made from  mixtures of two or more of these kinds of milk.

Sabor de Siempre offers you an extensive range of artisanal cheeses and more than six designations of origin of known prestige.

All of them are carefully and personally selected for their excellent quality.

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  1. Manchego Cured Cheese

    Manchego Cured Cheese

    DO Queso Manchego

    Sabor de Siempre brings to your table the best Cured Cheese Cured with Designation of Origin Queso Manchego.

    Artisan made with the best ingredients, this typical product of Castile-La Mancha will surprise the most demanding palates.

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  2. Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cured Cheese Wedge

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cured Cheese Wedge

    DO Queso Manchego

    We bring to your home the best Extra Virgin Olive Oil Cured Cheese with Designation of Origin Queso Manchego.

    Enjoy an artisan and traditionally  made cheese based on Manchego sheep raw milk.

    Taste it and be amazed!

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  3. idiazabal_de_pastor_do_idiazabal

    Idiazabal de Pastor Half Cheese

    DO Idiazabal

    Take with you half of this delicios Idiazabal de Pastor cheese, artisan made from Latxa sheep raw milk.

    Enjoy every bite of this quality cheese with Designation of Origin Idiazabal and surprise your guests.

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  4. Cabrales Cheese Selection Wedge

    Cabrales Cheese Selection Wedge

    PDO Cabrales

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    Get this Cabrales Cheese Wedge, a typical product of Asturiasartisan and traditionally made, of the best quality.

    A piece of the Asturian gastronomy at reach.

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  5. torta_del_casar_extremadura

    Torta del Casar Cheese

    DO Torta del Casar

    Torta del Casar is a typical product of Extremadure, artisan and traditionally madre from sheep milk.

    Enjoy its creamy texture and authentic flavor, spreading it on bread or toasts.

    A godly delicacy.

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  6. Manchego Semicured Cheese

    Manchego Semicured Cheese

    DO Queso Manchego

    Excelent semicured cheese with Designation of Origin Queso Manchego, artisan made from raw sheep milk.

    Enjoy with all your senses of this typical product of Castile-La Mancha.

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  7. San Simon Da Costa Cheese

    San Simon Da Costa Cheese

    PDO Queso San Simon

    San Simon Da Costa cheese is artisan and traditionally made from pasteurized cow milk.

    It is a typical product of Galicia protected by the PDO San Simon da Costa.

    Taste its delicious flavor.

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  8. Del País Galician Cheese

    Del País Galician Cheese


    Del Pais Cheese is artisan and traditionally made from fresh cow milk of the best quality.

    It is a typical product of Galicia that you will fully enjoy.

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  9. Queso Campo Estrella al Aceite de Oliva

    Queso Campo Estrella al Aceite de Oliva

    DO Queso Zamorano

    Si eres amante del queso en aceite, no te puedes perder Campo Estrella en aceite de oliva, Denominación de Origen Queso Zamorano.

    Un queso elaborado de forma artesana y tradicional con un toque de sabor picante, propio del aceite de oliva.

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  10. campo_estrella_dados_en_aceite_de_oliva_do_queso_zamorano

    Campo Estrella Cheese Dices in Olive Oil

    DO Queso Zamorano

    An opportunity to taste the Campo Estrella Cheese Dices in Olive Oil, a cheese with Designation of Origin Queso Zamorano.

    It is artisan and traditionally made. This product will amaze the most demanding palates and oily cheese lovers.

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  11. crema_de_cabrales_taraga_u_intenso_producto_tipico_asturias

    Intense Cabrales Cream Taragañu


    Surprise your guests with this spreadable cream, artisan made and with all the flavor of the Designation of Origin Queso Cabrales cheese.

    Perfect with toasts or for cooking.

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  12. Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

    Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

    DOP Queso Cabrales

    Cabrales cheese is a delight for the palate that can not  be in your table. It is one of the most prestigious cheeses in the Spanish market.

    We bring you this top quality product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese, artisan made. You will be amazed.

    The typical flavor of Asturias.

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  13. el_sabino_arte_crema_extremadura

    El Sabino Sheep Cheese


    El Sabino is a typical product of Extremadure, artisan made from sheep milk from the region of La Serena.

    It is a cheese with personality and with an exquisite flavor.

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  14. torta_del_casar_extremadura_1

    Mini Torta del Casar Cheese

    DO Torta del Casar

    Mini Torta del Casar Cheese is a typical product of Extremadure, artisan madre from sheep milk.

    Open the top with a knife like, as it it was a lid, and enjoy its creamy texture and unique flavor, spreading it on bread or toasts.

    A surprising pleasure.

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  15. idiazabal_de_pastor_do_idiazabal_1

    Idiazabal de Pastor Cheese

    DO Idiazabal

    Idiazabal de Pastor is an artisan made cheese based on Latxa sheep raw milk, a native sheep from the Basque Country and Navarre.

    Taste this quality cheese, with Designation of Origin Idiazabal, and enjoy its intense and balanced flavor.

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