About Us

In Sabor de siempre we endeavour, with all our illusion, to provide our customers with the handmade products elaborated by each one of our producers. We try to help our clients to find the most suitable products for them, always with the most quality guarantee and with all the flavour from the home-made products.

In our catalogue you could find a wide variety of products, always with a common denominator: little productions brought directly from the artisans to our warehouses to be provided to our customers in the best conditions.

Sabor de siempre was born intending to enhance the importance of the most traditional, handmade products from Spain, full of the most local flavours from every corner of the country.

To us, our catalogue is our little selection of products which we have been choosing and tasting ourselves, one by one: if something is not good for us or for our families, neither it is for our clients.

If you have any questions, please contact us by:

- Our web form
- Sending us an e-mail to info at sabordesiempre.com
- By using the social networks

We will contact you as soon as possible to answer all your questions.


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