Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

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DOP Queso Cabrales

Cabrales cheese is a delight for the palate that can not  be in your table. It is one of the most prestigious cheeses in the Spanish market.

We bring you this top quality product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese, artisan made. You will be amazed.

The typical flavor of Asturias.

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Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

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This product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese is artisan and traditionally made from raw cow, goat and sheep milk.

The production area comprises high mountain natural caves in the village of Tielve, in the heart of the Picos de Europa, Asturias.

When cut, it has a white with blue-green pigmentation due to the Penicillium mold.

Its aroma is intense with volatile hints.

When tasted, it is flux, pasty, with a complex and balanced flavor and a little bit spicy. It leaves a persistent aftertaste, combinated with its pleasant flavor.

You can combine it with a good white wine or a good cider.

Following the standard's own regulatory board of the PDO Queso Cabrales, this blue cheese is made with a unique format of 2-2.5Kg

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Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

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Additional Information

Product Type Blue-veined cheese
Origin DOP Queso Cabrales
Awards Premio al mejor queso de cabrales 2014
Premio al mejor queso de cabrales 2011
Marks -
Manufacturer Quesería Main
Variety Cow, goat and sheep milk
Temperature Ambiente

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