Quality Guarantee of our Spanish Ham

In Sabor de Siempre we know about how difficult it is to purchase a product like a ham online, but that it is equally difficult to buy a ham in a store if we aren't experts in hams and meats and therefore we will have to rely on our salesman. At this point, Sabor de Siempre offers you all its knowledge, so you can make your purchase with total confidence.

It may happen sometimes that a ham is defective, and in that case, of course, it can be returned. It is only necessary that the original piece retains at least 75% of its weight (not counting the pieces already cut). It is important that in case the ham or shoulder carried a seal of its designation of origin (Denominación de Origen), the seal has to remain on the product. 

We are happy to advise you before you proceed to the return of your product. Send us some pictures of your ham and we will give you our expert advice.


How do I know if my ham or shoulder is defective and can be returned?

Your satisfaction with our products comes first, and therefore we will try initially to ensure that your return will be accepted by the manufacturer. This condition is essential to manage the return, and therefore we have agreements with our suppliers for such cases in which it is possible to return any ham or shoulder.

Possible reasons for the return of  ham or shoulder:

Smell and taste

In some cases you may find that the ham or shoulder has a bad taste, and this might be due to errors during the cleaning and cutting process of the piece. If you include a little bit of the outer edge of the crust or (yellowish) skin and fat while cutting, the slices will have an unpleasant rancid taste. Make sure you followed the cutting process correctly. Find more information about the cutting process here

If, having followed these steps, you still think that your product has a bad taste, is excessively salty, or clearly smells bad, please follow the process to request its return and there will be no major problems sending back the ham.



You should be aware that Iberian hams and shoulders have more fat than other hams, and much more than other hams produced outside our territory.

Usually, around 40% of the total weight of an Iberian shoulder can be used, and around 50% from a ham. This means that 60% of the weight of a shoulder or 50% of a ham consist of bones, crust,  hoof and of the fat that is extracted before the cut (the surplus fat that does not remain on the slices).

This is important to mention, because you may be surprised by the amount of fat if you ar enot used to eating or cutting Iberian ham or shoulders. You should also keep in mind that some areas have more fat than others. The part of the leg is the part with the most fat in a ham or shoulder, and therefore it is the part with the juiciest slices which should include small streaks of this fat.

Suppliers rarely accept the return of a ham for this reason, but if you consider that your piece has an excess of fat, we will try to convince the manufacturer in any case to accept the return. Always  contact us before proceeding to the return and follow the indicated steps in order to return your product.



If you consider that for any other reason your ham or shoulder is defective, please contact us and we will get in touch with the manufacturer to ensure he accepts your return.


Do I have to pay the return costs?

In cases in which you return a defective product, we will cover the cost of collecting the original product and delivering a new product. For hams and shoulders already cut, it is important to be sure that the piece is really defective. In case the manufacturer does not accept the return, you will have to pay all cost, as well as the costs for redelivery in case you want to recover the part that has not been accepted for return.

In all other cases, the return costs will be at your expense and we will be deduct them from the amount of the refund.

Details of shipping costs are published in the shipping section on this website. 


If you have any questions, please contact us by:

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