Campo Estrella Cheese Dices in Olive Oil

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DO Queso Zamorano

An opportunity to taste the Campo Estrella Cheese Dices in Olive Oil, a cheese with Designation of Origin Queso Zamorano.

It is artisan and traditionally made. This product will amaze the most demanding palates and oily cheese lovers.

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Campo Estrella Cheese Dices in Olive Oil is a cheese with Designation of Origin Queso Zamorano, artisan and traditionally made from sheep raw milk.

It has a ripening process of at least 12 months in cellar.

This product is selected for cutting and it is refined in virgin olive oil for a minimum period of 4 months, during which it acquires its own organoleptic properties.

Its flavor is persistent and it is characterized by a very good softness with a spicy touch from the olive oil.

Its is hard, compact and firm, and it can have small eyes. Its colour is yellowish ivory.

It has delicate aromas of hay and natural herbs.

Approx. weight 225 gr

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Campo Estrella Cheese Dices in Olive Oil

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Additional Information

Product Type Aged cheese in olive oil
Origin DO Queso Zamorano
Awards -
Marks -
Manufacturer Quesería La Antigua
Variety Sheep raw milk
Temperature Ambiente

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