Campo Estrella Semicured Cheese

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DO Queso Zamorano

Campo Estrella Semicured is an artisan and traditionally made cheese based on sheep raw milk.

This product, with Designation of Origin Queso Zamorano, has a very soft and buttery texture that will seduce every palate

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Campo Estrella Semicured is a cheese with Designation of Origin Queso Zamorano, artisan and traditionally made from sheep raw milk.

It has a ripening process of between 2 and 3.5 months.

Their peculiar flavor and texture are achieved thanks to an exquisite care and the most artisan methods.

Its natural rind is brown and hard, with the drawing marked and defined. It is bathed in olive oil during the ripening process.

When cut, it has a firm and compact texture, white colour, and eyes that may be small or medium.

Its texture is very soft and buttery and its aroma reminds of sheep ripened milk with a gentle hint of acidity.

Approx. weight 3.2 Kg

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Campo Estrella Semicured Cheese

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Additional Information

Product TypeSemicured cheese
OriginDO Queso Zamorano
ManufacturerQuesería La Antigua
VarietySheep raw milk
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