Mixed milk

There are cheeses elaborated with the mixture of different types of milk which get their own characteristics in terms of texture, flavor and aroma.

Our catalogue has different cheeses made from mixtures of different kinds of milk, such as the famous Cabrales, with Protected Designation of Origin Queso Cabrales, or the Gamoneu del Valle, a typical product from Asturias.

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  1. Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

    Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

    DOP Queso Cabrales

    Cabrales cheese is a delight for the palate that can not  be in your table. It is one of the most prestigious cheeses in the Spanish market.

    We bring you this top quality product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese, artisan made. You will be amazed.

    The typical flavor of Asturias.

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  2. Cabrales Cheese 1 Kg

    Cabrales Cheese 1 Kg

    DOP Queso Cabrales

    Exquisite Cabrales Cheese of top quality, artisan and traditionally made from raw cow, goat and sheep milk.

    This product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese offers a unique flavor and aroma that will seduce the most demanding palates.

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  3. Cabrales Cheese Selection Wedge

    Cabrales Cheese Selection Wedge

    PDO Cabrales

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    Get this Cabrales Cheese Wedge, a typical product of Asturiasartisan and traditionally made, of the best quality.

    A piece of the Asturian gastronomy at reach.

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  4. gamoneu_del_valle_dop_gamoneu

    Gamoneu del Valle Cheese


    Do not miss this cheese from Asturian with Designation of Origin Gamoneuartisan made from cow and goat milk.

    Enjoy its flavor and texture with a good cider or with a good wine.

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