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For those who prefer cheese with a little more flavor, our catalogue includes more than 10 of the highest quality cheeses, made by spanish artisans.

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  1. torta_del_casar_extremadura

    Torta del Casar Cheese

    DO Torta del Casar

    Torta del Casar is a typical product of Extremadure, artisan and traditionally madre from sheep milk.

    Enjoy its creamy texture and authentic flavor, spreading it on bread or toasts.

    A godly delicacy.

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  2. idiazabal_de_pastor_do_idiazabal

    Idiazabal de Pastor Half Cheese

    DO Idiazabal

    Take with you half of this delicios Idiazabal de Pastor cheese, artisan made from Latxa sheep raw milk.

    Enjoy every bite of this quality cheese with Designation of Origin Idiazabal and surprise your guests.

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  3. torta_caprichos_de_la_pastora_do_queso_zamorano

    Caprichos de la Pastora Sheep Milk "Torta" Cheese

    DO Queso Zamorano

    This cheese is artisan made from sheep raw milk, thistle rennet and salt.

    Check the creaminess and the exquisite flavor of the Caprichos de la Pastora "Torta" Cheese.

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  4. San Simon Da Costa Cheese

    San Simon Da Costa Cheese

    PDO Queso San Simon

    San Simon Da Costa cheese is artisan and traditionally made from pasteurized cow milk.

    It is a typical product of Galicia protected by the PDO San Simon da Costa.

    Taste its delicious flavor.

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