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In Sabor de Siempre, we want you to find what you are looking for.

For this, we have organized our catalogue of artisan cheeses according to its taste: mild, medium and strong. This wayt, it will be easier for you to find that cheese that you have always wanted.

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  1. Cabrales Cheese Selection Wedge

    Cabrales Cheese Selection Wedge

    PDO Cabrales

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    Get this Cabrales Cheese Wedge, a typical product of Asturiasartisan and traditionally made, of the best quality.

    A piece of the Asturian gastronomy at reach.

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    Regular Price: €15.95

    Now only: €12.95

  2. vellon_fuentesauco_curado_mini_do_queso_zamorano

    Vellon de Fuentesauco Mini Cheese

    DO Queso Zamorano

    Vellon de Fuentesauco Mini Cheese is artisan made form sheep raw milk.

    This cheese, with  Designation of Origin Queso Zamorano and a persistent and intense flavor, is prefect for good mini cheese lovers.

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  3. La Peral Asturian Cheese

    La Peral Asturian Cheese


    Delicious blue cheese La Peral, a typical product of Asturias, artisan and traditionally made from raw cow milk.

    Its flavor is slightly spicy and slightly salty.

    Taste it!

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    Regular Price: €24.95

    Now only: €19.95

  4. queso_do_zamorano_vicente_pastor_reserva

    Vicente Pastor Reserve Cheese

    DO Queso Zamorano

    If you want to taste an aged cheese with Designation of Origin Queso Zamorano, Vincent Pastor Reserve is your solution.

    An oily flavor with a cellar aftertaste and a firm and slightly gritty texture due to its ripening process.

    An artisan made product that you can not miss.

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  5. Cabrales Cheese 1 Kg

    Cabrales Cheese 1 Kg

    DOP Queso Cabrales

    Exquisite Cabrales Cheese of top quality, artisan and traditionally made from raw cow, goat and sheep milk.

    This product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese offers a unique flavor and aroma that will seduce the most demanding palates.

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