Typical Spanish Products from Asturias

Asturias is a wonderland, surrounded by beaches and mountains, where we can find a variety of exquisite products thanks to the wealth of their lands and seas.

In Sabor de Siempre we wanted to collect these typical products, so you can taste them at your table without leaving your home.

Pamper yourself and taste its typical sweets, such as Carbayones or Casadiellas, homemade with 100% natural ingredients.

Prepare a delicious bean stew with authentic Compango from Asturias.

Enjoy the cheese with Protected Designation of Origin Queso Cabrales, accompanied by an excellent cider.

Be seduced by the world of Asturian flavor.

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  1. Asturian Fabada

    Asturian Fabada

    CRDE Faba Asturiana

    Delicious Asturian Fabada (Bean Stew), elaborated with Fabes with Specific Designation of Origin (CRDE Faba Asturiana)

    A prepared dish that will not leave you indifferent, thanks to its traditional and artisan flavor.

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  2. Asturian Faba

    Asturian Faba

    CRDE Faba Asturiana

    Taste this Asturian Faba with Specific Designation of Origin to make your traditional dishes and you will get amazing results.

    This legume  makes itself considerably bigger when put to soak, and this shows its best quality.

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  3. Sparkling Cider Lagar de Camín Trabanco

    Sparkling Cider Lagar de Camín Trabanco


    Brut Cider Lagar de Camín de Trabanco, artisan and traditionally made.

    typical product of Asturias that will surprise your guests with its fresh and pleasant flavor.

    Are you not going to taste it?

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  4. La Peral Asturian Cheese

    La Peral Asturian Cheese


    Delicious blue cheese La Peral, a typical product of Asturias, artisan and traditionally made from raw cow milk.

    Its flavor is slightly spicy and slightly salty.

    Taste it!

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  5. gamoneu_del_valle_dop_gamoneu

    Gamoneu del Valle Cheese


    Do not miss this cheese from Asturian with Designation of Origin Gamoneuartisan made from cow and goat milk.

    Enjoy its flavor and texture with a good cider or with a good wine.

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  6. Intense Cabrales Cream

    Intense Cabrales Cream


    Surprise your guests with this spreadable cream, artisan made and with all the flavor of the Designation of Origin Queso Cabrales cheese.

    Perfect with toasts or for cooking.

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  7. Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

    Cabrales Cheese 2 Kg

    DOP Queso Cabrales

    Cabrales cheese is a delight for the palate that can not  be in your table. It is one of the most prestigious cheeses in the Spanish market.

    We bring you this top quality product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese, artisan made. You will be amazed.

    The typical flavor of Asturias.

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  8. Cabrales Cheese 1 Kg

    Cabrales Cheese 1 Kg

    DOP Queso Cabrales

    Exquisite Cabrales Cheese of top quality, artisan and traditionally made from raw cow, goat and sheep milk.

    This product with PDO Queso Cabrales cheese offers a unique flavor and aroma that will seduce the most demanding palates.

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  9. Red Cheese Afuega´l Pitu atroncau

    Red Cheese Afuega´l Pitu atroncau

    PDO Afuega´l Pitu

    Delicious cheese with PDO Afuega'l Pitu.

    Taste the Red Cheese Afuega´l Pitu atroncau and enjoy with ist flavor and texture, characteristics of an artisan made product.

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  10. Cheese Afuega´l Pitu Trapo blanco

    Cheese Afuega´l Pitu Trapo blanco

    DOP Afuega´l Pitu

    Taste Cheese Afuega'l Pitu Trapo blanco, a typical product of Asturias.

    With PDO Afuega'l Pitu, it is an artisan made product of the highest quality.

    What are you weaiting for to put it on your table?

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  11. Cheese Afuega´l Pitu Trapo rojo

    Cheese Afuega´l Pitu Trapo rojo

    PDO Afuega´l Pitu

    Dive into the Asturian gastronomy tasting Afuega'l Pitu Trapo rojo cheese, made from pasteurized cow milk.

    With PDO, it offers an authentic flavor, typical of the artisan made products.

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  12. Asturian Casin Cheese

    Asturian Casin Cheese

    PDO Casin

    The Asturian Casin Cheese is a typical product of Asturias that you should bring to your table.

    It is artisan and traditionally made from raw cow milk. It has a strong and exquisite flavor, for the most adventurous palates.

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  13. Vidiago Cheese "Torta" in extra virgin olive oil

    Vidiago Cheese "Torta" in extra virgin olive oil


    Taste Vidiago Cheese "Torta" in extra virgin olive oil, a typical product of Asturias of excelent quality.

    It is artisan made  and it has a strong and very pleasant flavor.

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  14. Compango for Asturian Bean Stew

    Compango for Asturian Bean Stew


    Cook a delicious Asturian bean stew with this top quality Compango.

    Surprise your guests with this typical product of Asturias that will bring the more artisan and traditional flavor to your bean stews.

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  15. North Flavor Lot

    North Flavor Lot

    Asturias, DOP Cabrales, DO Gamoneu

    Excellent North Flavor Lot with a great variety of artisan made products.

    It contains 14 typical procutcs from the North of Spain, with traditional and exquisite flavor.

    Do not miss it!

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