Typical Spanish Products from Asturias

Asturias is a wonderland, surrounded by beaches and mountains, where we can find a variety of exquisite products thanks to the wealth of their lands and seas.

In Sabor de Siempre we wanted to collect these typical products, so you can taste them at your table without leaving your home.

Pamper yourself and taste its typical sweets, such as Carbayones or Casadiellas, homemade with 100% natural ingredients.

Prepare a delicious bean stew with authentic Compango from Asturias.

Enjoy the cheese with Protected Designation of Origin Queso Cabrales, accompanied by an excellent cider.

Be seduced by the world of Asturian flavor.

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  1. Natural Cider Trabanco Home-Grown

    Natural Cider Trabanco Home-Grown


    Do not miss this artisan and traditionally made Natural Apple Cider Trabanco Home-Grown.

    All the flavor from Asturias in a bottle.

    Shall we pour this cider?

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  2. Sparkling Cider Lagar de Camín Trabanco

    Sparkling Cider Lagar de Camín Trabanco


    Brut Cider Lagar de Camín de Trabanco, artisan and traditionally made.

    typical product of Asturias that will surprise your guests with its fresh and pleasant flavor.

    Are you not going to taste it?

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  3. Sparkling Cider Poma Aurea Trabanco

    Sparkling Cider Poma Aurea Trabanco

    PDO Sidra de Asturias

    Poma Aurea Sparkling Cider with Protected Designation of Origin Sidra de Asturiasartisan and traditionally made.

    Its fruity and smooth flavor will make your moouth enjoy of a unique sensation.

    Cheers for Asturias!

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  4. Natural Cider Trabanco

    Natural Cider Trabanco


    Trabanco Natural Cider, an artisan and traditionally made typical product of Asturias exclusively ellaborated with indigenous cider apple.

    Enjoy a unique Asturian cider and get ready to pour it like a cider maker master!

    Would you be able to do it?

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