Typical Spanish Products from Galicia

Galicia, quintessential magical land of Meigas and sublime coastal landscape, famous for its excellent steaks, seafood, fish and generally for the wide variety of high quality products that are produced on their land.

In Sabor de Siempre we intend to approach you to this world of Galician flavor through its typical products.

Prepare a nice meal accompanied with a good Albariño wine, a Pomace Cream liqueur for the table talk or a piece of Santiago cake, and you will have the perfect evening.

You will feel a little closer to the land of Galicia.

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  1. Oyster Paté with Chestnut

    Oyster Paté with Chestnut


    The Oyster Paté with Chestnut is a typical Galician product made by hand.

    It is a product that offers all the flavor of the sea in one single bite.

    All authentic and original flavor that you will not forget.

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  2. crema_de_orujo_habelas_hailas

    Orujo Cream


    Habelas Hailas Orujo Cream is made by following traditional and artisan techniques of maceration and cooking, inherited from its ancestors.

    Best quality products are used to get a typical product of Galicia with a unique and delicious flavor.

    Do not miss this opportunity!

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  3. Pazo da Bouciña Albarino

    Pazo da Bouciña Albarino

    DO Rias Baixas

    Pazo de Bouciña is a young white wine made exclusively with the Albariño grape variety. It has an attractive Atlantic accent due to the lands where it comes from.

    It is a wine with Designation of Origin Rías Baixas that matches perfectly with any kind of fish and shellfish.

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  4. Val de Monxes Albarino

    Val de Monxes Albarino

    DO Rias Baixas

    This white wine with Designation of Origin Rias Baixas is made from 100% Albarino grape variety.

    A classic and tasty Albarino with good aftertaste which will make perfect all your evenings.

    This wine matches perfectly with all types of fish and shellfish.

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  5. Val de Nairoa Ribeiro vino blanco

    Val de Nairoa White Wine

    DO Ribeiro

    Val de Nairoa is a white wine with Designation of Origin Ribeiro made with three grape varieties: 80% Treixadura, 10% Albariño, 5% Loureira and 5% Lado.

    Accompany your dishes with this delicious typical Galician product and delve into a world of exquisite taste.

    Try it!

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  6. Altos de Torona Albarino

    Altos de Torona Albarino

    DO Rias Baixas

    Altos de Torona is a wine with Designation of Origin Rias Baixas made from three grape varieties: 85% Albarino, 10% Caino, and 5% Lourreira.

    A white wine that will awaken your senses with its personality and elegance.

    It is a perfect match for sushi, shellfish and spicy foods.

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  7. Herb Liqueur

    Herb Liqueur


    Habelas Hailas Herb Liqueur is made with liquor and with over 20 different herbs and aromatic seeds.

    This typical product of Galicia, accompanied with a good coffee, is perfect for a table talk.

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  8. licor_cafe_habelas_hailas

    Coffee Liqueur


    Habelas Hailas Coffee Liqueur is developed in perfect harmony, based on pomace and coffee from Colombia, two top quality products.

    It is perfect as a digestive after a good meal and to accompany desserts and sweets.

    Do not miss it!

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  9. aguardiente_blanca_habelas_hailas

    Firewater White Liquor


    Habelas Hailas Firewater White Liquor is made following ancient and artisan Galician traditions from a very thorough distilling process.

    It is perfect as a digestive after a good meal

    Taste it and let your palate enjoy!

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  10. crema_de_chocolate_y_cerezas_habelas_hailas

    Chocolate and Cherry Cream


    Habelas Hailas Chocolate and Cherry Cream follows the same elaboration process than the pomace cream, adding later Dutch chocolate and macerated cherries.

    It's great to take after a meal in a shot glass.

    Do not fail to taste it!

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  11. Dark Pearls from Compostela

    Dark Pearls from Compostela


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    Dark Pearls from Compostela are a typical product of Galicia made from the best and selected whole almonds covered with pure dark chocolate.

    Enjoy and tatse these artisan made pearls.

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  12. White Pearls from Compostela

    White Pearls from Compostela


    Delicious White Pearls from Compostela, exquisite selected whole almonds covered with white chocolate.

    typical product of Galicia and a delicacy to your mouth.

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  13. "Suspiros" of Santiago Apostol

    "Suspiros" of Santiago Apostol


    Exquisite "Suspiros" of Santiago Apostol, artisan made with traditional methods.

    Taste every bite of this typical product of Galicia.

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  14. Natural Razor Clams

    Natural Razor Clams


    Natural Razor Clams typical product of Galicia

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  15. San Simon Da Costa Cheese

    San Simon Da Costa Cheese

    PDO Queso San Simon

    San Simon Da Costa cheese is artisan and traditionally made from pasteurized cow milk.

    It is a typical product of Galicia protected by the PDO San Simon da Costa.

    Taste its delicious flavor.

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