Typical Spanish Food

Typical Spanish artisan products, 100% guaranteed. Taste the best Spanish food, just a click away from your kitchen.

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  1. Blanc Subur White Wine

    Blanc Subur White Wine

    DO Catalunya

    Blanc Subur is a white wine with Denomination of Origin Catalunya, made with 100% Malvasia grapes from Sitges.

    It is a fresh wine with subtlety.

    The ideal temperature of service is about 10 or 12º.

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  2. Fried Sirloin Daggerboard

    Fried Sirloin Daggerboard

    Castilla La Mancha

    Fried Sirloin Daggerboard typical product of Castilla la Mancha

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  3. Pedrosillo Chickpeas

    Pedrosillo Chickpeas

    Garbanzo de Pedrosillo Guaranteed Brand

    Enjoy the Pedrosillo Chickpeas, an artisan product with the Garbanzo de Pedrosillo Guaranteed Brand.

    A little chickpea eith a very characteristic flavor that stands out because of its fine skin and its albumen.

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  4. foto_carramimbre_roble

    Carramimbre Oak Red Wine

    DO Ribera del Duero

    Carramimbre Roble is made with 90% Tinta del País and 10% Cabernet Sauvignon.

    A tasty red wine, persistent, with an aftertaste of red fruits that will seduce your palate.

    A wine that fits perfectly to sausages, meats and cured cheeses.

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  5. Paco & Lola Albarino

    Paco & Lola Albarino

    DO Rias Baixas

    Paco & Lola is a white wine with Designation of Origin Rias Baixas made from grapes of the 100% Albarino variety.

    A chic and funny wine that will inundate you with joy and authentic Galician flavor.

    Do you dare to taste it?

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  6. Shrimp Paté

    Shrimp Paté


    The Shrimp Paté is a typical product from Galicia, elaborated in an artisanal and traditional way with 100% natural ingredients from our galician Rías.

    Try this Shrimp paté and let it seduce your palate.

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  7. Cockle Paté with Chestnut

    Cockle Paté with Chestnut


    The Cockle Paté with Chestnut is a typical product from Galicia, elaborated in an artisan and traditional way from 100% natural ingredients.

    With a flavor that highlights the cockle and the creaminess that provides the chestnut, this paté offers an exceptional combination of sweet and salty.

    You won't be able to live without it.

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  8. Fuentesauco Cooked Chickpeas

    Fuentesauco Cooked Chickpeas

    PGI Garbanzo de Fuentesauco

    Taste Fuentesauco Cooked Chickpeas with Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo Fuentesauco and enjoy the authentic artisan flavor.

    typical product of Castile and Leon that will transform your dishes into a delicacy.

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  9. Aceite de Oliva Virgen Extra DO Bajo Aragon Primicia

    Extra Virgin Olive Oil Primicia Reales Almazaras

    DO Aceite del Bajo Aragón

    An extra virgin olive oil for all kinds of taste. An excellent olive oil from Alcañiz, Teruel, with an exceptional smoothness. Perfect for those who prefer olive oils with a milder flavour.  

    Ideal for every kind of use, whether in salads, on toasts or as an aperitif. A very exceptional premium oil. 

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  10. Vino blanco Lagar de Costa DO Rias Baixas

    Lagar de Costa Albarino

    DO Rias Baixas

    Lagar da Costa is a 100% Albarino white wine with Designation of Origin Rias Baixas.

    Its production process is carried out in stainless steel tanks and it is aged on lees for three months.

    Taste the flavor of Galicia at its best!

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  11. Vino blanco Prios Verdejo DO Rueda

    Prios Verdejo White Wine

    DO Rueda

    Prios Verdejo is a white wine made with 100% Verdejo grapes with Designation of Origin Rueda.

    Perfect companion of fish, seafood, rice, smoked products and cheeses.

    A white wine that your palate won't forget.

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  12. Pinna Fidelis Oak Red Wine

    Pinna Fidelis Oak Red Wine

    DO Ribera del Duero

    The Pinna Fidelis Roble is made exclusively with grapes from the Tinta del País variety.

    This wine with Designation of Origin Ribera del Duero is a structured and elegant red wine.

    Don't miss the opportunity to try this excellent wine from Peñafiel.

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  13. nairoa-2012

    Nairoa White Wine

    DO Ribeiro

    Nairoa is a white wine with Designation of Origin Ribeiro, made from three grape varieties: 40% Treixadura, 30% Torrentés and 30% Others.

    A perfect companion to pasta, vegetables, rice, fish and seafood.

    Don't miss this typical Galician wine!

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  14. Balsamic Sauce Pedro Ximénez Style

    Balsamic Sauce Pedro Ximénez Style


    Taste this Balsamic Sauce Pedro Ximénez Style with a velvety texture and an exquisite flavor.

    Combine this typical product of Andalusia with desserts (yogurt, pudding, ice cream) or give it a counterpoint with blue cheese and red meat.

    Your palate will be grateful.

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  15. Crab Pâté

    Crab Pâté


    The Nécora Paté is a typical product from Galicia, elaborated in an artisan and traditional way with 100% natural ingredients.

    Taste this exquisit Crab Paté and bring some traditional seafood flavors to your table.

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