Legumes of the highest quality. Spain is a country that has some of the most valuable varieties of legumes in the world.

Thanks to farmers that still cultivate these seeds, we have one of the most delicious and healthy cuisines in the world.

In Sabor de Siempre you could find the best quality legumes with a variety of designations of origin.

Specific Designation of Origin Faba Asturiana, PGI lentils from La Armuña or PGI Fuentesauco chickpeas are some of the quality legumes that you could find in our catalogue.

Choose the artisan flavor, choose quality and authenticity.

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  1. Calasparra "Bomba" Rice

    Calasparra "Bomba" Rice

    DO Calasparra

    Do not miss this Calasparra Rice with Designation of Origin Calasparra.

    typical product of Murcia that reaches a 100 % growing in length and thickness!

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  2. Asturian Fabada (Bean Stew)

    Asturian Fabada (Bean Stew)

    CRDE Faba Asturiana

    Asturian Fabada (Bean Stew) typical product of Asturias CRDE Faba Asturiana

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  3. Fuentesauco Cooked Chickpeas

    Fuentesauco Cooked Chickpeas

    PGI Garbanzo de Fuentesauco

    Taste Fuentesauco Cooked Chickpeas with Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo Fuentesauco and enjoy the authentic artisan flavor.

    typical product of Castile and Leon that will transform your dishes into a delicacy.

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  4. Beans with Partridge

    Beans with Partridge

    Castilla La Mancha

    Beans with Partridge typical product of Castilla la Mancha

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  5. Asturian Faba

    Asturian Faba

    CRDE Faba Asturiana

    Taste this Asturian Faba with Specific Designation of Origin to make your traditional dishes and you will get amazing results.

    This legume  makes itself considerably bigger when put to soak, and this shows its best quality.

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  6. Pedrosillo Chickpeas

    Pedrosillo Chickpeas

    Garbanzo de Pedrosillo Guaranteed Brand

    Enjoy the Pedrosillo Chickpeas, an artisan product with the Garbanzo de Pedrosillo Guaranteed Brand.

    A little chickpea eith a very characteristic flavor that stands out because of its fine skin and its albumen.

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  7. Armuña Lentils

    Armuña Lentils

    PGI Lenteja de la Armuña

    Armuña Lentils have the Protected Geographical Indication Lenteja de la Armuña.

    They are an artisan product that will surprise you for their excellent qualities of cooking, their fine texture and their soft skin.

    Enjoy a good plate of legumes with an authentic flavor!

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  8. Fuentesauco Chickpeas

    Fuentesauco Chickpeas

    Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo de Fuentesauco

    Fuentesauco Chickpeas have an excellent quality, and therefore they have Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo Fuentesauco.

    Prepare delicious dishes with this typical product of Castile and Leon and enjoy the most artisan and traditional flavor.

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  9. Fuentesauco Chickpeas with Cod

    Fuentesauco Chickpeas with Cod

    Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo de Fuentesauco

    Exquisite artisan and traditionally made Fuentesauco Chickpeas wit Cod.

    Fuentesauco Chickpeas with Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo Fuentesauco, cod and spinachs

    A typical product of Castile and Leon with a deliecious flavor.

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  10. Castilian Stew with Fuentesauco Chickpeas

    Castilian Stew with Fuentesauco Chickpeas

    Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo de Fuentesauco

    Do not miss this artisan made Castilian Stew with Fuentesauco Chickpeas.

    Chickpeas with Protected Geographical Indication Garbanzo Fuentesauco, iberian chorizo from Guijuelo and iberian bacon.

    The flavor of an authentic stew in your table!

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  11. Pardina Lentils

    Pardina Lentils

    Castile and Leon

    Pardina Lentils have Protected Geographical Indication Lenteja Pardina de Tierra de Campos.

    Their thin skin and texture make this typical artisan made product of Castile and Leon an ideal legume.

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  12. Armuña Lentils with Chorizo

    Armuña Lentils with Chorizo

    PGI Lenteja de la Armuña

    Taste the delicious Armuña Lenitls with Chorizo, artisan and traditionally made with the best ingredients.

    Lentils with Protected Geographical Indication Lenteja de la Armuña, iberian chorizo from Guijuelo, vegetables and spices.

    A dish full of flavor.

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  13. Asturian Beans with Clams

    Asturian Beans with Clams

    CRDE Faba Asturiana

    Asturian Beans with Clams typical product of Asturias

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